Promises to myself

Three months ago, I would not have imagined that my post in September would be the last one of the year, but here I am writing again in 2009. The beginning of a new year is often when people decide to make resolutions that they intend to keep for the duration of the year. I have generally preferred writing down short and long term goals when necessary instead of being captive to the Gregorian calendar. 

In 2008, however, I allowed work to take over my life from about mid-October to the end of December. Consequently I have decided to make a few promises to myself in order to maintain better work-life balance in 2009 and future years.

Besides my commitments at work, I will make sure that I take the time to do the following each day:

  1. Eat well (healthy food, frequently)
  2. Exercise and spend time outdoors
  3. Read and learn something new
  4. Write and reflect
  5. Practice an art (most likely play the guitar or paint)
  6. Socialize (preferably in person than via phone or internet)
  7. Meditate and relax

 Incorporating all seven items into each day seems challenging to me at the moment, but I would much rather promise myself substantial change and gradually develop the habits necessary to achieve it than aim for something trivial and ineffective.


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